Indonesia: Java highlights roundtrip

Visit all the highlights, experience culture and impressive nature

About this tour

At a pleasant pace you travel right through Java, partly with car and driver, partly by train. You will visit the famous highlights, such as the botanical garden of Bogor, the Borobudur temple and the Bromo volcano. There is also plenty of time to enjoy rice fields, nature, plantations and Javanese culture.

What will you do
  • The famous highlights of Java
  • The long distances you travel comfortably by train
  • Cycling around the Borobudur
  • Getting cultural in sultan city Yogyakarta
  • Walking at the Bromo volcano
  • Plantations visits around Kalibaru

Java is in many ways the most important island of Indonesia. This was already the case in the Dutch East Indies and therefore you can still find most of the colonial past here. Java is also the most densely populated island in Indonesia, with several million cities. During this trip you alternate cities with overnight stays in the countryside. You visit the highlights, gain culture in the most important cities, but also enjoy rice fields, volcanoes and plantations. You travel right through Java, from Jakarta in the west, to the ferry port to Bali, in the eastern tip of the island.


Day 1

Arrival Jakarta, transfer to Bogor | After arrival in Jakarta you drive on to Bogor.

Day 2

Bogor | Today you visit the botanical garden and there is also time to make a dessa walk through the rice fields around the hotel.

Day 3

Bogor to Bandung | Via the busy Puncak pass you travel today to the city of Bandung. Along the way you see tea plantations.

Day 4

Bandung, by train to the Borobudur temple | The most beautiful train ride in Indonesia, through the Bandung plateau and along the south coast of Java.

Day 5

Borobudur temple | You sleep in a lovely hotel between the rice fields, near the Borobudur. You visit the temple and you can enjoy the countryside by bike.

Day 6

Borobudur, via the Prambanan temple to Yogyakarta | A beautiful travel day today, with many stops along the way. Visit at least the Prambanan temple.

Day 7

Yogyakarta | Explore the historic old town, the sultan's palace, the water palace. Go shopping on Malioboro street.

Day 8

Yogyakarta, by train to Malang | Again a comfortable train ride, straight through Java, to the eastern city of Malang.

Day 9

Malang to Bromo | This morning a short drive to the Bromo volcano. In the afternoon there is time to walk through the sand sea of the Bromo, to the active crater.

Day 10

Bromo sunrise, through to Kalibaru | Early in the morning you go by jeep to the highest point of the Bromo, to see the sunrise. Then you drive to Kalibaru in the east corner of Java.

Day 11

Plantations and crossings to Bali | This morning you can optionally visit plantations around Kalibaru, with coffee, cocoa, rubber and other crops. By ferry you will then cross over to Bali. The driver drops you off at the first hotel in Bali.

Additional info

The price of this trip is based on 2 travellers, low season, subject to availability of the planned hotels and including CO2 compensation. We have assumed standard hotels. But it is also possible to choose more luxurious hotels. The trip can always be adjusted in many ways.


This trip is part of a tour of Bali. Flying is not necessary. Other islands, such as Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, the Moluccas and Lombok, can also be reached easily by plane from Java.