Laos: The South with Bolaven and The '4000 Islands'

Discover special places at the Bolaven Plateau and the ‘4000 islands’

About this tour

The south of Laos is perhaps one of the most special areas in the country. In a short time, you drive from the plains into the mountains, to an area with coffee plantations and numerous waterfalls, the Bolaven Plateau. But it is also an area where you can go island hopping at the islets in the Mekong River. The Laotians call this area the '4000 islands'. Life here is relaxed and rural, with good food, beautiful waterfalls and your trips are often by boat.

What will you do
  • Stay in simple accommodation at a coffee plantation on the Bolaven Plateau
  • Make a jeep tour over the Bolaven Plateau. Discover waterfalls and grassy plains
  • Spend the night in a special eco-lodge
  • Cycle and kayak through the area with the '4000 islands
  • Overnight at the relaxing island of Don Khone
  • Visit Wat Phou, a beautiful old Khmer temple

Laos is a wonderful country to take in slowly. Enjoy the special, predominantly Buddhist culture and beautiful landscapes. Visit a monastery here and there, stroll along limestone cliffs, cruise the Mekong and drink a Beerlao at sunset. Do not go to Laos if you fancy a beach, as it is centrally located in Southeast Asia surrounded by other countries.


Day 1

Arrival in Pakse, transfer to the Bolaven Plateau | Enjoy the beautiful surroundings at your small-scale accommodation.

Day 2

Bolaven | Today you will make a cool jeep ride over the Bolaven Plateau. You will visit places that are difficult to reach. You will see coffee plantations, waterfalls, bomb craters and local villages. Spend the night on a coffee plantation.

Day 3

Bolaven to Ban Khiet Ngong | Leave the Bolaven Plateau and head south, to a special eco-lodge on the edge of the jungle and some wetlands.

Day 4

Ban Khiet Ngong to Don Khone | After a night at the eco-lodge you get on a bike today where you will cycle mainly on country roads to the area with the 4000 islands. You spend the night at the small, relaxed Don Khone.

Day 5

Don Khone | Yesterday you cycled, today you get in a kayak and paddle between the islands on the Mekong. Who knows, you might even spot Irrawaddy dolphins in this area.

Day 6

Don Khone to Champasak | Back to the mainland and by car you will be driven to the village of Champasak. En-route will stop at the special Khmer temple Wat Phou. Your hotel is at the river again.

Day 7

Champasak to Pakse Airport | The driver will take you to the airport of Paske, from where you fly to your next destination.

Additional info

The price of this trip is based on 2 travellers, low season, subject to availability of the planned hotels and including CO2 compensation.

We have assumed standard hotels. But it is also possible to choose more luxurious hotels. The trip can always be adjusted in many ways.