Indonesia: South Sulawesi highlights roundtrip

Trek through the mountains, relax on a white sandy beach and discover the Toraja culture

About this tour

In a pleasant pace you travel through South Sulawesi with car and driver.You visit the famous highlights, such as the white sandy beaches of Bira, the mountain resort Malino and the floating houses on Lake Tempe.  Of course there is enough time to discover the most special places in Toraja, such as Lemo, Kete'kesu, Batutumonga and Suaya. In Toraja you will make a trekking with overnight stay in a local house. Of course there will be enough time to discover the most special places in Toraja, such as Lemo, Kete'kesu, Batutumonga and Suaya. In Toraja you will also make a trekking with overnight stay in a local house. If it is possible you will visit a funeral ceremony, often the highlight of a trip.

What will you do
  • Walk or cycle in the Malino area
  • Relax at the white sandy beach of Bira
  • Boat trip on Lake Tempe
  • Visit to the highlights of Toraja
  • Trekking with overnight stay in a local house in Toraja
  • Funeral ceremony in Toraja

Sulawesi is perhaps the most varied island of Indonesia. You will find beautiful white sandy beaches, high mountains, very diverse populations and animals that only live on this island. During a trip on the southern part of the island you will visit the mountains around Malino, the beautiful beach of Bira where you can do excellent snorkelling and you will get to know the unique culture of the Toraja people, who live in the mountains north of the capital Makassar. Both in the area of the Toraja and in the surroundings of Malino, you can make beautiful trekkings.


Day 1

Arrival Makassar, transfer to Malino | Immediately after arrival by car to the mountain resort Malino

Day 2

Malino | On this free day you can choose from several activities. You can make a hike, do a mountain bike tour, visit waterfalls by car or just relax

Day 3

Malino to Bira | From the mountains you will be driven to the southernmost tip of Sulawesi, to Bira.  Here you will stay directly on a lovely white sandy beach

Day 4

Bira | Use this day for snorkelling or diving. You can also just enjoy the bounty beach in front of the door

Day 5

Bira to Sengkang | This is a long day, partly along the east coast, partly through the inland. Just outside Bira, take a look at the Buginese shipbuilding

Day 6

Sengkang to Rantepao (Toraja) | Early in the morning you start with a nice boat trip on Lake Temp. You will see many water birds and get to know the people living in floating houses on the lake. Then onwards to the mountains of Toraja

Day 7

Rantepao | By car and a local guide you will discover the most beautiful sights of Toraja. A full day, because there is much to see!

Day 8

Rantepao, trekking - local house | The first day of the trekking you mainly walk uphill, through beautiful sawas and small villages with traditional houses

Day 9

Local house - Rantepao, trekking | In the morning you will walk for a few hours, before the car will pick you up. During 1 of the 3 days that you stay in Toraja you will visit a funeral ceremony. The guide will discuss the planning with you

Day 10

Rantepao to Makassar | It is a long ride back to the city of Makassar. If you leave early, you have some time left to visit Fort Rotterdam and the old harbour of the city

Day 11

Makassar, transfer to the airport | You will be brought to the airport and then go to your next destination

Additional info

The price of this trip is based on 2 travellers, low season, subject to availability of the planned hotels and including CO2 compensation. We have assumed standard hotels. But it is also possible to choose more luxurious hotels. The trip can always be adjusted in many ways.

This trip connects to a roundtrip over Java, Bali, Flores and Kalimantan, easy to reach by plane.